Robert Warwick is a Registered Doctor of Naturopathy in D.C., as well as a Board Certified Naturopath, holistic practitioner, teacher, artist, inventor, and founder of The Bio-S-Mind Center and Life Choice Chi Systems, Softouch Meridian Seminars, Bio-Spherit Matrix Seminars, Conscious Key Biofeedback Seminars, Finger Yoga Seminars, Etheric Meridian Taping Systems, Shaman's Pipe or Tube Pipe Therapies, Blinky Light Seminars, Fractalive Cards. He consults with clients and companies to help them achieve balance and wellness within energetic and physical environments. Making use of various physical, emotional, energetic, forms, shapes, and activities as techniques incorporating the principles of acupuncture, biofeedback and bio-body feedback, homeopathy, EFT, NOT, NET, Total Body Modification (TBM), EMDR and many other systems, he blends them into a unique weave of physical as well as energetic patterns, unique for each individual.

Dr. Bob has been an alternative health care practitioner for over 20 years. The gifts of a finely tuned sense of touch and acute awareness and sensitivity have provided him with the ability to notice subtle information, observe forms, and listen to patterns from the energetic systems of the clients and companies that he works with. He has a positive success rate in helping clients reassert their primary integrative health and in bringing companies into a better balance with Nature. He emphasizes the energetic and physical aspects of his clients' health and wellness issues, and they appreciate the one-on-one attention they receive.

Dr. Bob believes in educating his clients so that they can help themselves. He understands that part of what makes clients truly healthy is their ability to manage their own health.

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